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 Strategic Advisor

Mr. Gryba graduated in 1973 from University of Saskatchewan in Mining engineering. He worked as a student in Thomson, Manitoba underground at the T1 and Birchtree nickel mining projects. After graduation Mr. Gryba worked for HBM&S in Manitoba in many diverse roles such as mine surveyor, mine planner, project engineer and shift boss for a period of 5 years. Mr. Gryba was also responsible for making the mining budgets for 10 operating base metal mining projects for a period of 3 years.


in 1980 Mr. Gryba was Chief Engineer at Cantung, a remote room and pillar Tungsten mine on the NWT – Yukon border just south of the Nahanni National Park. The same year Mr. Gryba worked in Timmins, Ontario for Noranda's gold mining division known as Pamour. At Pamour Mr. Gryba worked as Manager of Engineering and Geology and was also Project Manager for the reopening of the Hollinger mining project. Pamour also managed the Langmuir Nickel Mill just south east of Timmins where Mr. Gryba became very familiar with nickel mining operations. Mr. Gryba spent 18 months ½ time at the Noranda Research Center in Montreal where he invented and patented Raise Bore Mining where he researched making Mg metal out of a talc – magnesite deposit. He was also part of the research team that studied the breaking of rock to invent a new mining method that would generate a 10-fold increase in mining productivity.  Pamour operated 10 underground and open pit gold mining projects which included the historical Hollinger and McIntyre mining project, Pamour 1 mining project, Hallnor mining project, Buffalo Ankerite mining project and the Ross mining project which fed two 3,000tpd gold mills. Mr. Gryba was partially responsible for increasing Pamour's gold reserves from 3 years to 8. Noranda sold Pamour in 1986. 



In 1985 Mr. Gryba invented the DPM mining system which has been patented globally. The DPM system creates a mining spreadsheet of 1,000t ore blocks mined from the top down like an underground car parkade; DPM generates 40 major advances in mining technology. DPM achieved close to a 100% ore recovery with zero dilution. These are two important factors that can increase the ROI - NPV of an orebody by 50%.



Mr. Gryba then became President and a Director of Moneta Porcupine Mines Ltd. (TSE:ME) where he and his team discovered the million ounce Michaud Gold Deposit which is still being explored today. Moneta also owned the Kelly Lake nickel mine orebody in Quebec and the Loveland nickel orebody 15 miles NE of Timmins Ontario. 


In 1996 Mr. Gryba became President, CEO and Director of St Andrew Gold Mines (TSE:SAS) Mr. Gryba rebuilt and expanded the SAS mill from 800tpd to 1300tpd with expansion plans to ramp up to 2200tpd. The St Andrew stock mine was put back into production, an open pit mine was started just north of the Hollinger Ross mining project and the Taylor ore body was expanded from a 50,000-ton resource to more than 600,000 ounces recovered. The Taylor mining project is now in production producing 80,000 ounces of gold per year for new owner Kirkland Lake Gold Mines (TSE:KL) which purchased SAS about 5 years ago. St. Andrews also optioned the Holmer – West Timmins project and identified the deep gold intersection resulting in the West Timmins mining project. Today the 3,000tpd gold mill is owned by Ross Beaty’s Pan American Silver (TSX:PAAS) or (NSDQ:PAAS).


Mr. Gryba then founded First Metals Inc. (TSX: FM). First Metals put the Fabie VMS deposit near Noranda into production with open pit as well as underground mining methods. The Fabie ore was milled at the Noranda Mill which was part of the Noranda Copper Smelter complex in Noranda Quebec.


Claim Post Resources Inc. (TSX:CPS) was taken public in 2010 by Mr. Gryba to explore for the western extension of the giant Hollinger – McIntyre gold system. In 2014, CPS was not able to raise money for gold exploration. With horizontal drilling and fracking becoming successful, CPS bought a sand deposit in Manitoba which has advanced to FS to produce Tier 1 frack sand and a silica sand feed stock to manufacture glass. 


Mr. Gryba founded Central Timmins Exploration Corp.(TSX: CTEC). CTEC was an early-stage Canadian junior exploration company focused on precious metals exploration and development.


Mr. Gryba is semi- retired in 2020 after spending 1980 to 2020 mining and exploring the Timmins Camp from Timmins to the Quebec Border. His experience in geology, mining methods and advances to the mining industry make him a desired resource company executive. Today Mr. Gryba is acting as Strategic Advisor for Fortune Nickel and Gold Inc. where he is instrumental in geological, technical and mining decision making for the company's Gowan nickel project. The Gowan project is just minutes away from the Kidd Creek Mine to the southwest and Canada nickel whose property is just minutes to the north of the project.

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