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 Strategic Advisor




Mr. Holden has had a well experienced  career in his 28 years navigating all aspects of the securities markets. Mr. Holden has been instrumental in guiding corporate restructurings and corporate marketing solutions for a diverse clientele that includes a vast array of industry sectors. 


Mr. Holden has successfully guided many public companies through the ever changing market environment as well as adapted to many unique capital raising conditions by understanding both the capital and marketing needs required to quickly react in the best interest of his clients. Mr. Holden has a deep understanding of the underlying psychology of the capital markets and has a well known history of strategically adjusting to market conditions  and successfully managing a company's continued funding requirements while carefully structuring many client company's successful market awareness campaigns through both turbulent times and industry bubbles. 


Mr. Holden is an expert at mitigating risk for his clients and has been instrumental in strategically aligning his public company clients capital needs with market conditions saving many companies from bankruptcy. Mr. Holden has served on the Board of Directors for public companies such as VMH, Virtual Media Holdings Inc and Evision Holdings Inc. where he successfully strategized strategic acquisitions and  coordinated SEC required reporting and compliance procedures. Mr. Holden has attained an intricate knowledge of corporate strategy and  marketing public companies to the marketplace having served in roles as CEO, Marketing Director and Chairman of the Board.

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